Buckcherry Blame Their Popularity On Fake Pirates

Los Angeles rockers Buckcherry have a new album Black Butterfly. It’s their fourth, and you’ll be able to hear it at strip clubs across the country this fall. You may be curious why I’m telling you this. Funny story. See, the single, “Too Drunk…,” leaked onto BitTorrent sites last week and the band responded by issuing a very amusing press release condemning the leak (“Honestly, we hate it when this s*** happens, because we want our FANS to have any new songs first”) and quickly making a “down and dirty” video (key line: “young and dumb and full of cum…”). The folks at TorrentFreak got suspicious about the song’s “unscheduled arrival”:

This is strange to say the least. Not only because their label, Atlantic Records, is known to release (and spam) tracks for free on BitTorrent sites, but also because the press release was more about promoting the band than the actual leak. Without any hard evidence, we suggested that this leak may have been set up to get some free promotion and publicity, which BuckCherry seems to need.

Guess what happens next?

Out of curiosity, we decided to follow this up, to see if this was indeed the case. With some help of a user in the community, we tracked down some of the initial seeders of the torrent. A BitTorrent site insider was kind enough to help us out, because BitTorrent is not supposed to be “abused” like this, and confirmed that the IP of one of
the early seeders did indeed belong to the person who uploaded the torrent file.

It turns out that the uploader, a New York resident, had only uploaded one torrent, the BuckCherry track. When we entered the IP-address into the Wiki-scanner, we found out that the person in question had edited the BuckCherry wikipedia entry, and added the name of the band manager to another page.

This confirmed our suspicions, but it was not quite enough, since it could be an overly obsessed fan (if they have fans). So, we decided to send the band manager, Josh Klemme – who happens to live in New York — an email to ask for his opinion on our findings. Klemme, replied to our email within a few hours, and surprisingly enough his IP-address was the same as the uploader.

Stop abusing the Internet, Buckcherry. This is reminiscent of when Metallica popped their Internet cherry.

This is the last time we’ll post about Buckcherry.

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