Trimbal (James Blake & Trim) – “Confidence Boost” Video

James Blake was making dubstep back when dubstep was, more or less, an offshoot of grime, but his cerebral electronic pop never really had much to do with grime’s all-out bluster. So it’s weird to hear him teaming up with the grime MC Trim on a new single. But it’s happening. The duo, who are calling themselves Trimbal, have recorded a couple of tracks together, and now they’ve made a video for their collab “Confidence Boost.” The song is a weird one, with Blake restlessly warping and pitch-shifting Trim’s voice and Trim doing his best to navigate Blake’s minimal off-kilter track. Blake and Trim both appear in the video, alongside bursts of flame and London fly girls. Rollo Jackson directs and makes sure everything is immaculately designed. Watch it below.

The “Confidence Boost” b/w “Saying” single is out now on R&S.