Concert Review

Hum, Psychic Twin, Dirty Feathers @ Canopy Club, Urbana 9/27/12

Space Rock legends Hum came to the rescue of the Pygmalion Festival in Urbana when they filled in for Sleigh Bells who had to pull out due to Derek Miller sustaining a skateboarding injury. Hum played a deafening set with some of the highlights being the torrential wave of distorted phased guitars for “Little Dipper,” the feedback scrawl before storm of “Stars” and the unreleased tune “Cloud City” with its synchronized crunch. Psychic Twin got the crowd moving with their dueling Alesis electronic drumpads and glossy synthesizer washes. Dirty Feathers tapped into a mix of garage rock and psychedelia. Check out the photos above and the setlist below.

01 “Suicide Machine”
02 “The Pod”
03 “Iron Clad Lou”
04 “Little Dipper”
05 “Inklings”
06 “Comin’ Home”
07 “Green To Me”
08 “Afternoon With Axotols”
09 “I’d Like Your Hair Long”
10 “Stars”
11 “I Hate It Too”
12 “The Scientists”
13 “Cloud City”