The Child Of Lov (Featuring Damon Albarn) – “Heal” Video

It’s not easy for an artist to have a secret identity in the time of Facebook, but so far the Child Of Lov has managed to keep his given name on the DL. Of course, he has yet to release an album or physical single yet, so there’s ample time for his cover to be blown. What we do know? The artists associated with the project are insanely impressive: DOOM, Thundercat, and Damon Albarn all contribute to the Child of Lov’s forthcoming debut LP. The first single from that album, “Heal,” features a bassline courtesy of Albarn; it’s reminiscent of Blur’s “Crazy Beat,” in fact. The video for the track was filmed in Atlanta (the Child Of Love is “artistically rooted in the southern state of Georgia, USA,” per his bio) and directed Focus Creeps (Arctic Monkeys, Girls the band). Check it out.

The “Heal” single will be released 11/26 via DoubleSix.