Watch Best Coast’s Commercial For Microsoft Windows 8

Last night, I was doing Google News searches for “windows” — as in, “Should I put big Xs on my windows with duct tape, so I’m not killed in my sleep when this hurricane makes landfall and decimates New York City with 500-mph, glass-shattering, gale-force winds?” However, my search was thwarted with news of last Friday’s launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8, which was slightly less urgent, for my purposes. Nonetheless, the Windows promotional campaign rolls on, and it includes a clip featuring Best Coast (thus leading astray my hurricane-related searches including the terms “windows” and “coast”). The commercial is set to the band’s “The Only Place,” and intercuts Best Coast video with Windows 8 features, ostensibly leading one to imagine the ways in which Bethany and Bobb might engage with the user interface. Watch.

[via CoS]

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