Death Grips Leak Angry Emails From Epic

When Death Grips released NO LOVE DEEP WEB allegedly without the consent of their new label, Epic, some of us thought it might be a publicity stunt that was actually pulled off with Epic’s approval (if not Epic’s idea in the first place). That seems less likely now that the band has shared on Facebook a couple emails between Epic and Death Grips’ manager Peter Katsis. The first (above), from Epic, informs Katsis that Epic was not happy with the band’s actions regarding the release of the new album. It goes on to allege that Death Grips have slandered and financially damaged Epic. The second (below), from Katsis to Epic, basically says that the first email should have been sent to the band’s lawyer, not their manager. You should absolutely read both letters in full (FYI might want use your browser’s zoom function here). Drama!

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