Björk – “Mutual Core” Video

Björk will soon release her new album bastards, a collection of remixes of songs from her 2011 studio LP Biophilia. And now she’s also given us a video for the Biophilia track “Mutual Core,” which builds from shamanistic swirl to IDM insanity. In the video, we see Björk, buried to her waist in sand, singing while sentient, inhuman rock-creatures float around her, attempting to form strange connections. As the song unfolds, the images reach an explosive conclusion that resembles a fucked-up metal album cover. I have no idea what director Andrew Thomas Huang’s visuals mean, but like so many other Björk videos, it’s a beguilingly strange vision. Watch it below.

bastards is out 11/19 on One Little Indian; Biophilia is out now.