Watch Michael Stipe, Mandy Patinkin & Stephen Colbert Sing “Good King Wencesles”

Michael Stipe pulled double duty yesterday in NYC, hitting MSG to duet “Losing My Religion” with Chris Martin at the 12.12.12. Concert after doing this bit of Christmas caroling on The Colbert Report. It’s not the first time Stipe’s turned up on the Colbert set to sing with Stephen, sat in that little wall shelf of his; this one’s special because it also features Homeland’s Inigo Montoya, who has a pretty decent rolling vibrato. Also: “Good King Wencesles” has some lyrics, boy. So many antiquated words and phrases and things of that nature! The guys delivered impressively, probably on the back of some substantial cramming, but for Stephen, whose combination of Sunday school teaching and a general verbal genius means he probably could roll this whole thing off himself from a dead sleep in June. A trio of life champs here, inhabiting the yuletide parlance of a bygone era. How nice. Please enjoy: