Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – “We No Who U R” Video

The video for Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’s “We No Who U R” is appropriately mysterious for the song’s title and Nick Cave’s equally as ominous persona. A camera follows a shadowy figure through the dark woods, never to reveal its identity. But when you take the track’s solemn lyrics into consideration while watching this apparition slowly trudge in the wilds, it goes from being spooky to a very solemn, sad visual piece. The clip was directed by Gaspar Noé, the auteur responsible for the 2002 remake of ultra-disturbing revenge horror film Irreversible, as well as 2009’s flashy, mind-bending Enter The Void. The guy has a knack for the unsettling. Check it out below.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ Push The Sky Away is out 2/19 on Bad Seed Ltd.