Soundgarden – “By Crooked Steps” Video

You know who’s been quiet — a little too quiet — lately? Dave Grohl, man. I swear I went all weekend without news of Grohl doing Maron, playing drums for some random band or another, schmoozing the festival circuit in support of the documentary film he directed, or making plans to take his Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Revue on the road. I was beginning to get a little worried about the guy!

But it seems Grohl has a pulse after all. He just directed the new Soundgarden video! Considering the auteur, it is perhaps not surprising that the “By Crooked Steps” clip features a humorous side of Soundgarden: The grunge legends comprise a Segway gang that rolls into a club, forces a lame laptop DJ off the stage (as rockist a moment as “Death To Disco”), and plays some “real music” for the appreciative crowd before getting chased around by cops. Finally, the band is pulled over by — haha! — Deadmau5. That’s what you get for messing with a DJ in this town! Check out the vid below.