Watch Frank Ocean, Jack White, Miguel Perform At The Grammys

The Grammys! We spent altogether too much of last night watching and talking about them, and now it’s time to pick through the refuse for the gems. Not too surprisingly, two of the best performances came from the recent wave of personal, psychedelic R&B singer-songwriters. Frank Ocean may have lost in every single major category, but he still got a chance to sing “Forrest Gump” on a dizzying stage set that made it look like he was running through a 1970s car-chase movie. It was pretty. And Miguel, stuck with an insanely brief time-slot and forced to share the stage with Wiz Khalifa, still sang the everloving shit out of “Adorn,” showing absolutely dangerous levels of smooth. Jack White, who couldn’t possibly have less to do with circa-2013 R&B, also showed out, doing a spare and low-key rendition of “Love Interruption” with his all-female backing band and then burning through “Freedom At 21” with his all-male one. Watch all three performances below.

More on the Grammys later.