Juicy J – “One of Those Nights” (Feat. The Weeknd)

The Weeknd and resurgent Three 6 Mafia berserk-libertine rapper/producer Juicy J tend to write songs about the exact same things: Sex, drugs, partying, being predatory nightlife animals. The only real difference is that the Weeknd sounds sad about it, while Juicy J sounds really, really happy. But on “One Of Those Nights,” Juicy’s new single, the two show some surprising chemistry. It’s at least as much a Weeknd song as a Juicy J one, with Juicy’s first verse starting about halfway in, after Abel Tesfaye has already woven a slick-depression tapestry. But it’s a Juicy J song, too; it’s still got that drunken boom to it. Listen below.

No word on a Juicy J album yet, but that guy cranks out mixtapes the way some of us breathe, so we’ll hear a new full-length from him soon, one way or the other.