DOM – “H o t . l i m i t”

Sometime during January of 2010, a song called “Jesus” appeared in my Gmail inbox with little to no context, just a note from some dude named Dom in Western Mass asking if I’d play the song on my college radio show. Three years and two EPs later, despite a major-label deal, mega festival appearances, tons of press, and other music industry shit, the band’s newest track “H o t . l i m i t” fell in front of me last night in more or less the same fashion as that first demo: unannounced, directly from the band, with little context or information. Cool. All we know is this is the intro track to their next album, HYPERFANTASY XL LP, due out at some point, by some label. If the intro is any indication, the first full-length from DOM will be a more psychedelic endeavor than the sugary noise-pop of their past EPs. The two-and-a-half-minute opener is a more intricately layered breed of warped electronic pop, filtering bits of ethereal wordless voices over skittering beats that sound simultaneously explosive and subtle. Stream it below:

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