Co La – “Melter’s Delight”

You may have heard Co La (aka Matthew Papich) through his remix last year for Cloud Nothings. Honestly, “remix” isn’t quite strong enough to describe the incredible demolition that he made of the band’s track “Cut You.” Co La blew “Cut You” to pieces and put it together again as something completely different and mysterious. It’s no surprise, then, that Co La has found a home on Software, the label run by Joel Ford and Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never; also someone who knows a thing or two about deconstructing a song.) Now we have a track off the upcoming album, Moody Coup. “Melter’s Delight” is a wriggling techno patchwork of beats and reappropriated sighs, and a great sign of what’s to come from this artist. Check it out.

Moody Coup is due 5/7 on Software

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