Kylesa – “Unspoken”

Kylesa’s excellent 2010 album Spiral Shadow pushed the Georgian metal band’s boundaries into something else entirely — namely, early-’90s alternative rock. That may sound like a slight but it’s not meant as one: Spiral Shadow was one of the highlights of its year, finding Kylesa evolving at a pace comparable to statesmen Baroness and Mastodon, though moving in a completely different direction. The band returns this year with Spiral Shadow’s follow-up, Ultraviolet, and if the album’s first single is any indication, they’ve continued moving away from their peers as well as their own past, conquering new territory. “Unspoken” is thundering death rock, featuring a gothy Laura Pleasants vocal (maybe my favorite vocal performance from her to date) over a rumbling sludgy bassline and spaced-out guitars. It’s a total triumph, and I can’t wait to hear it in the context of the LP. You can download the song here, for the price of an email address, and listen to it below.

Ultraviolet is out 5/28 via Season Of Mist.

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