Staples Center Didn’t Go Vegetarian For Morrissey

Beautiful creatures died deaths for no reason, and then were served at the Staples Center last night :( After a lengthy and confusing back-and-forth between Morrissey and the Staples Center regarding whether or not Moz’s L.A. show last night would be 100% vegetarian, the venue ultimately could not bring itself to stand against animal suffering entirely, even for a just a few hours. According to tweets from concert-goers, meat was sold at the Staples Center. However, there were many victories for the animals as well: Morrissey did manage to successfully shut down the Staples Center’s McDonalds, and the floor level was entirely vegetarian. Those are pretty big accomplishments; surely there were at least a few folks who re-thought their consumption habits for at least one night, and that is very cool, Moz. As he recently told Rookie: “The most political gesture you can make is to refuse to eat animals.” Watch a live video of the Smiths playing “Meat is Murder” below.

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