Watch Usher Join Afghan Whigs At SXSW

We’ll have more on this when we post our SXSW roundup for last night, since your entire Stereogum staff was on hand for it, but something strange and amazing happened last night at the FADER Fort. The night’s headliners, boozy Ohioan underground legends the Afghan Whigs, were a few songs into a tough and grizzled set when Greg Dulli started singing Usher’s “Climax” and, a few seconds later, Usher himself was onstage next to the man, singing. For the rest of the half-hour set, the Afghan Whigs served as Usher’s backing band, doing atmospheric and bluesy versions of his songs while Usher showed off a million-dollar falsetto, brought out Sinkane to perform Ahmed’s “Runnin,” and a rapturous, disbelieving crowd absolutely lost its mind. High-quality video of the entire set is already online, and you can (and should) watch it below.

So, uh, can we get a whole album like this? Please?