The Weeknd Reveals New Album Title, Releases $200 Trilogy Vinyl

While the majority of the Internet was losing its mind over the brand new Houston-rooted, war cry from Beyoncé, the Weeknd (née Abel Tesfaye) announced that he would be release a sophomore LP some time this year called Kiss Land. This is excellent news for his fans, as the majority of his debut LP Trilogy was just a remastered collection of his three free mixtapes that made him so beloved. Tesfaye is still shilling Trilogy, despite the fact that you can grab most of the tunes from it gratis, and will also release a limited press of the album in a 6xLP 500 run. Each copy is signed and hand-numbered with artwork designed by his crew XO and costs $199. It drops on 3/26, but you can order it here now.

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