Django Django – “WOR” Video

The amusement park clip for Django Django’s “WOR” is a far cry from the jubilance of Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” or the Internet’s “Cocaine” (although, that one’s got a creepy factor to it). The Always Up For World Travel VICE Magazine indulged the band’s recent infatuation with daredevils in India who perform a carnival trick called the Well Of Death. The “WOR” video takes a look into the death-defying stunt (and the people of Allahabad with the courage to perform it) while set to the band’s urgent riffs. Are motorcycle stunts trending? Because this is perfectly timed with the upcoming release of Derek Cianfrance’s Blue Valentine follow-up, The Place Beyond The Pines which features Ryan Gosling as a carnival stuntman-turned-bank robber. Watch Django Django’s video below.

(via Noisey)

Django Django’s self-titled, Mercury prize-nominated album is out now on Because Music.