Vampire Weekend – “Diane Young” & “Step”

Vampire Weekend have been letting go dribs and drabs of info on Modern Vampires In The City, their third album, ever since they played the new song “Unbelievers” on Kimmel late last year. And today, we finally get to hear the studio versions of a couple of the songs that are on the album. The band has just shared both sides of their new double A-side single. “Diane Young,” which the band played live this past weekend at SXSW, is so drum-driven and frantic and hyperactive that it defies genre designation, and it has Ezra Koenig trying out a sort of Elvis hiccup. And “Step” is rich and exquisitely orchestrated pseudo-doo-wop. Listen to both below, via a video of a slowly burning car and a lyric video modeled on Woody Allen’s Manhattan.

Modern Vampires Of The City is out 5/7 on XL.