Deerhunter Monomania Details

The American rock band Deerhunter just sent out an email to let us know that they have a new album ready to go, one they’ll be releasing in just a month and a half. The album, their fifth, is entitled Monomania, and Bradford Cox and Nicolas Vernhes recorded it in Brooklyn, on multiple eight-tracks, earlier this year. In a cryptic note, the band calls the album “NOCTURNAL GARAGE,” which is a pretty great genre descriptor, and claim that it’s “avant garde(?) but only in context not form (original intent of avant garde (1912-59) / before logic: FOG MACHINE / LEATHER / NEON.” This makes sense! You will find the tracklist below.

01 “Neon Junkyard”
02 “Leather Jacket II”
03 “The Missing”
04 “Pensacola”
05 “Dream Captain”
06 “Blue Agent”
07 “T.H.M.”
08 “Sleepwalking”
09 “Back To The Middle”
10 “Monomania”
11 “Nitebike”
12 “Punk (La Vie Antérieure)”

Monomania is out 5/7 on 4AD.

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