SZA – “Aftermath”

R&B singer SZA brought sugar and spice and everything trippy last year with her debut EP See SZA Run. Her 2013 plans are a bit more ambitious, with plans to release three separate projects, S, Z, and A. The first track from S, “ICE.MOON” broods and builds on its own twinkling melancholia, but sounds almost as if it comes from a jewelry box with bass in its trunk. The second single, the WNDRBRD-produced “Aftermath,” is just as spectral but hinges more on John Hughes-nostalgia than “ICE.MOON”‘s rap-undertones. But there’s still a quirk in her step here, as she opens singing, “I am made of bacon, fairy tales, and pixie dust.” With that and its lack of romantic-assuredness, I smell a Kitty collaboration on the horizon. Check out “Aftermath” below.

S is due out this 4/9.

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