Weekend – “Mirror”

The Bay Area post-punk trio Weekend introduced themselves in full-length form with 2010’s Sports, which netted them a spot on our Stereogum40 list in addition to the far more meaningful pop cultural distinction of having “End Times” soundtrack Dexter’s Season 6 trailer. That was a good commercial, for what was a pretty good season of Dexter. (Colin Hanks and Captain Bill Adama held it down, honorably, in Dexter-nemesis mode; Mos Def delivered some fine acting, too.) Now in 2013, Weekend will try to scale comparably great heights with their forthcoming Slumberland LP Jinx. Its first single, “Mirror,” is here, more craftsmanlike post-punk from a group that sounds like it’s been spending some time under the glow of the Soft Moon. Listen:

Jinx is out 7/23 via Slumberland Records. I have fallen off with Dexter. Was Season 7 worth it?

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