Danny Brown – “Express Yourself”

I see you, Danny Brown. Hopping on a track the producer Trampy cites as inspired by Diplo’s #ExpressYourself Twitter trend — which is, essentially, his way to get Internet girls to send him pics of them booty-poppin’ while in a handstand a la his collab with New Orleans bounce luminary Nicky Da B. But I highly doubt you’re in a dearth of dirty pics from girls all over the interwebz. The track is a slow ratter that creeps up on you, which is in line with the barren, wilting, and just totally weird track “Hit A Lick” from Brown’s fellow Bruiser Zeelooperz. Maybe goth rap is the next thing on deck. Maybe rap is really seeing its chillwave-witch house-shitgaze moment. Maybe it started with cloud rap. Either way, I’ll let micro-genres live as long as Danny Brown continues to be an engaging chameleon, able to take on anything from grime to the aforementioned #based movement and always sounds like he belongs. Check out the glacial twerk cut below. Yeah, that’s right! Glacial twerk!

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