Palma Violets – “We Found Love” Video

Palma Violets express the fleeting bliss of getting fucked up at a party along with its inevitable comedown in their new video for “I Found Love.” Filmed primarily with a head-mounted camera, it captures a drunk vibe where everything seems to be moving around the main character as he kisses girls, dances under Christmas lights, and screws around with his friends — all while looking equal parts confused and content. Meanwhile the song’s chorus naively declares, “I’m gonna find a lady friend and stick by her until the end,” with the kind of hyper-enthusiasm brought on by loud music, strong drinks, and good drugs that make such a declaration seem anything but. Sure enough, when the end cuts to the group entering the harsh morning light, leader singer Alexander Jesson’s final thought is “You are my one divine/ But I’ll never look you in the eyes again.” Check out the video below and look for Palma Violets at Lollapalooza in September.