A-Trak & Tommy Trash – “Tuna Melt” Video

Last year, A-Trak put together a bunch of collaborations with different producers on his Tuna Melt EP. And that EP’s title track, a team-up with fellow producer Tommy Trash, now has a pretty ridiculously great video. Ryan Staake directed the clip, but much of the credit goes to the kinetic artist Kinetic King, who set up an entire house full of dominoes and then proceeded to knock them all down in the most absurd, Rube Goldbergian manner imaginable. Pieces of toast, strings, water, stacked plastic cups, and one paper airplane are also involved, and I really hope this whole thing is real and none of it is CGI. Watch it below and marvel at how much work someone put into something so beautifully pointless.

The Tuna Melt EP is out now on Fool’s Gold.