Kelis – “Call On Me” (Prod. Dave Sitek)

For more than a decade now, Kelis has fused R&B grit to futuristic dance-pop blips, and her newest single may be the oldest-sounding thing she’s ever recorded, though that doesn’t mean there’s anything staid or traditionalist about it. For “Call On Me,” Kelis links up with TV On The Radio production guru Dave Sitek, and he gives her a deeply funky orchestral-Afropop groove. For her part, Kelis lets her voice flutter over the track with the authoritative grace of a seasoned pop-music pro. The end result is great enough to evoke comparisons to recent-vintage Solange, and you can hear it below.

(via Potholes In My Blog)

The “Call On Me” single is coming soon from Sitek’s Federal Prism label, and Kelis supposedly has two albums coming out this year.

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