Watch Jimmy Kimmel Punk Hipster Poseurs At Coachella

The day I realized I was on the slow and steady path to becoming an adult was when I stopped feeling shame about not knowing what someone else was talking about. Whether it’s a book, or a band, or whatever falls into your wheelhouse of Things You Usually Know About, any conversation you’re going to have with someone else is going to be infinitely more interesting if you cop to what you do or do not know. You are way less cool if all you can contribute to a conversation is, “Yeah, totally” than letting someone else point you to something you might love and letting them go in on it. The kind of people who are happy to be like, “No, I do not know what you’re talking about. Tell me” are not featured into this “Lie Witness News” segment from a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live. In it, a Kimmel correspondent (who sounds an awful lot like Sarah Silverman) interviews different Coachella-goers about a bunch of made-up bands and a fake Two Door Cinema Club album to resounding enthusiasm about all the fake acts. Bummer. Most people at the Indio Polo Fair Grounds are not of their right mind, so who even knows if they were actively trying to come off as cool. What’s really funny about this sketch is that all these awful band names could be real. I mean, we live in a world where Diarrhea Planet is not a farce, but an actual group that rules pretty hard. Check out the sketch and learn the meaning of the word “Coachella” below.