Girls Against Boys – “It’s A Diamond Life”

The great ’90s postpunkers Girls Against Boys never officially broke up, but they’ve been inactive since 2003. They’re back now, and that is very good news. Back in the day, they combined punishing and skronked-out post-hardcore dynamics with consciously sexy disco-funk push-pull, keeping the focus squarely on the rhythm section by employing two bassists. They’ll tour again this summer, and their live show is the sort of thing you absolutely want to see. And they’ve got a new song called “It’s A Diamond Life,” on which they sound like time has left their attack completely undiminshed. This thing could appear as an unused track from the House Of GVSB sessions, and nobody would blink. Download it below.

Girls Against Boys – “It’s A Diamond LIfe”

There’s a new GVSB EP coming soon, but we don’t yet know whether this song will appear on it.