Ab-Soul – “The End Is Near” (Feat. Mac Miller)

Here’s another one for the “Mac Miller is suddenly interesting now” file: The Pittsburgh weed-rapper, who seems to be feeling a lot freer since his ascent to fratty fame, is the guest on “The End Is Near,” the latest Soundcloud freakout-sermon from Ab-Soul, the resident weirdo theorist of the Black Hippy crew. And the two make a pretty great pair, Mac’s mumbly non-sequiturs nicely balancing Soul’s damaged black-helicopters talk. If this sort of thing interests you, Miller also plays a nerd superhero who fights Corey Feldman in the low-budget, tongue-in-cheek video for his Flying Lotus-produced single “S.D.S.” Listen to “The End Is Near” and watch the “S.D.S.” video below.

Mac’s sophomore album is coming out later this year, and if you haven’t heard Ab-Soul’s 2012 album Control System, you owe it to yourself.