Braids – “Amends”

Montreal’s Braids first came on our radar as the Neighbourhood Council, before disappearing awhile and reemerging under this new moniker (and a second BTW designation). The title change came with a more refined electronic aesthetic, though the outfit’s seraphic vocals and contravention of conventional song structure stayed strong in the game. The six-minute single “Amends” is true to that form, a song you may recognize if you caught the band at any of their many CMJ 2012 shows — it’s a showcase of tasteful synth sounds, intertwining vocal arrangements, and the sort of live-manipulated voice efx/cuts that will score with folks who type “Purity Ring” into their Pandoras. It’s pretty, six-minutes, and worth a listen:

(via Pitchfork)

“Amends” comes from a new 12″, titled In Kind // Amends, out in 6/11 via Arbutus. Both songs on the 12″ will appear on the new Braids record due later this year.

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