Beady Eye – “Second Bite Of The Apple”

A couple weeks ago I wrote complimentary things about “Flick Of The Finger,” the first track to be released from BE, the second album from Beady Eye (aka Oasis sans Noel Gallagher). Now we’ve got another new one, and man, I like this even more than the first. Dave Sitek produced BE, and there are definitely textural and instrumental similarities to TV On The Radio here (especially in the incredible horns that propel the track). It’s retro as hell, yeah, but Sitek treats that (essential) aspect of the band’s identity with a wink, and in doing so, makes it feel oddly contemporary. Liam Gallagher has got a million effects on his voice, to the extent that I can’t tell if he’s actually singing this thing at all, but whatever the hell is happening, it sounds fantastic. Listen.

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