Harry Fraud – “Yacht Lash” (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Riff Raff)

Harry Fraud, the great New York producer of head-blown psychedelic boom-bap, has a new Scion-sponsored EP called High Time coming out next week, and its lineup of guests is a total murderer’s row of past Fraud collaborators, one that includes Action Bronson and French Montana. And on the track “Yacht Lash,” he’s shrewdly brought together two insanely gifted internet-beloved rap lyrics: Returning Odd Future thoughtful conqueror Earl Sweatshirt and absurdist Texan performance artist Riff Raff. The song is queasy and amazing, and you can stream it below or use the widget to download it.

(via Pitchfork)

High Tide is up for free download 5/7, and that Riff verse is fucking incredible. On a desert island, he’s splurging on these virgins.