Pepsi Pulls Tyler, The Creator’s Mountain Dew Commercial

Someone at Mountain Dew thought it would be a good idea to let Tyler, The Creator direct some online commercials for them, and amazingly, that decision somehow blew up in their faces. Tyler’s series of ads revolves around a nefarious goat named Felicia who talks in Tyler’s voice and who wreaks annoying havoc on anyone around. In the ad in question, Felicia is part of a police lineup, one otherwise populated exclusively by black men, as a beat-up elderly white woman freaks out with fear about identifying her attacker. This is, of course, played for laughs. As Billboard reports, a Pepsi spokesperson apologized for the ad and “said [the company] understood how the ad could be offensive.” What’s still not clear is who the ad could’ve ever appealed to. The ad has since been pulled from YouTube, but thanks to the public servants at Worldstar, you can watch it below.

Two other Tyler ads, including one where the goat attacks a waitress, remain online.