Download Bryant Dope’s New New York Mixtape (Stereogum Premiere)

New York underground rap upstart Bryant Dope caught our attention with his stoic, Hannibal King-produced track “QB.” Their collaborative tape New New York has now arrived and it’s brimming with concrete-scathing tranquility and laid back bangers. The tape is meticulously constructed, building upon the entrance music of the sax-and-ivories-inflected “NNY” and ascending toward first party cut “Champion Sound.” While Dope and King are keen to celebrate NYC, there’s a clear influence from the West Coast flavor of yore. No doubt they grew up on those sounds, as well, and it’s apparent through a nod to vintage Dr. Dre on “Generation Y” and an interview clip of 2Pac before stoner anthem “Blunts” kicks off. The project strikes a balance between New York hip-hop’s golden era and modern experimentation that can appeal to nostalgics and young guns alike. Download the tape, via Young One Records, below.