Thundercat – “Oh Sheit It’s X”

The second thing you might do when hearing Thundercat’s new single is notice how it’s the perfect high-energy counterpoint to first single “Heartbreaks + Setbacks“‘s yearning beauty. The first thing you’ll probably do when hearing “Oh Sheit It’s X” though is say something along the lines of “Oh shit! That bass!” Don’t worry, it’s normal, Thundercat has that effect on people.

The appropriately named “Oh Sheit” is the newest song we’ve heard off Apocalypse, Stephen Bruner’s new album, produced by his Brainfeeder boss Flying Lotus. The whole song moves along to Bruner’s rubbery basslines like a bright bouncing ball. Much like “Heartbreaks,” it’s makes me excited to know that Fly Lo is the main guy behind the boards, his usual sonic touches add so much detail and life to these songs without ever overpowering Bruner. If the first single was more for the head, “Sheit” definitely sounds more for the hips, but wherever you end up feeling it Bruner is aiming for the heart and he has not missed yet. Listen below.

Apocalypse is out 7/9 on Brainfeeder