The National – “Sea Of Love” Video

The National’s new album Trouble Will Find Me is only a couple of weeks away from release, and they’ve now dropped a video for one of its songs, the gracefully churning brood “Sea Of Love.” Director Sophia Peer has made a decidedly simple video for the song; it’s just a single, unmoving camera shot of the band, wearing matching black suits, playing in a small white room, while a little kid, also in a black suit, plays air guitar and frantically mugs. This kid is awesome, and they should seriously consider making him an onstage hypeman for the next tour. Watch it below.

Trouble Will Find Me is out 5/21 on 4AD. And as Pitchfork points out, the Dessner brothers recently claimed in a Reddit AMA chat that they may release their recent six-hour performance of “Sorrow” over and over — like, the entire thing — on vinyl, for charity.