Hear The Original, Tori Amos-Sampling Version Of Four Tet’s “Unspoken”

Rounds, the third album from the bucolic British producer Four Tet, was his big breakout moment, the album where his fusion of pastoral folk and head-blown inward-looking electronic music found its fullest realization. And it sounds like one person’s complete vision. But with the album’s 10th-anniversary reissue looming, Four Tet recently revealed that it’s not exactly the album he intended to release. “Unspoken,” the album’s nine-and-a-half-minute centerpiece, was the first track that Kieran Hebden finished recording, and it originally sampled the beautifully still piano intro from “Winter,” a song from Tori Amos’s debut album Little Earthquakes. But Hebden couldn’t get the sample cleared, so he had to rework it for the (also great) album version. Hebden recently posted the track’s original version on Soundcloud, and it’s a very different song with that sample in there. Listen to it below.

The 10th-anniversary reissue of Rounds is out tomorrow on Domino. And fuck’s sake, clear your samples, Tori.