Shark? – “California Grrls” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

NYC garage quartet Shark? seem to inhabit a world where primarily everyone dons a poor quality Ronalde Reagan (I assume this is Reagan. Just a janky, janky Reagan) mask in their normal lives. They wear a Reagan mask when they’re at band practice, making out, and stealing people’s purses. It’s the right display of Shark?’s sense of humor, whose anti-ode to the women of the west coast “California Grrls” may be vitriol-laden but seems to have a tongue-in-cheek sensibility to it. The band has just released the song with Old Flame Records, who will also drop their full-length Savior later this year. Download the track and watch its video below.

Shark? – “California Grrls”

“California Grrls” is out now on cassette tape via Old Flame.

The band just launched a PledgeMusic drive to raise funds to press Savior on vinyl, and many of the rewards are pretty amusing (one top donor can change the name of the band for a week for $1k!). Pledge here.

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