The Glaswegian synth-pop trio CHVRCHES stylizes their name with a “V” where you’d expect another letter, and in ALL-CAPS when a sensible person would mix their case, and after hearing a coursing “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME”-core track like “Gun,” at least one of those stylistic choices comes a bit into focus. (The editor in me will always be a bit churlish in typing this band’s name; CHVRLISH, even.) But yes, about “Gun,” this is great, hook-y fodder for dusk at a summer festival side-stage, the sort of infectious, female-fronted empowerment jam that could catch you off guard while walking from one big act to another, and make you a fan. Hear it below:

The “Gun” single is out 7/15 in the UK via Virgin; stream their previous EP Recover in full, and if you were bummed there was no Game Of Thrones this weekend, you can stop the bleeding a bit by revisiting their cover of the GoT theme song.

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