Watch Action Bronson Do Improv Comedy

Hot 97 radio personality Cipha Sounds is not only one-third of the morning crew at NYC’s premiere rap station, but he is also a comedy enthusiast. Listeners are probably familiar with his heavily advertised April Fool’s Day standup show (which I am pretty sure has been hosted by Tracy Morgan since inception) but now Ciph hosts a weekly improv showcase at the Upright Citizen Brigade’s East Village outpost. Recently, Action Bronson was a guest on the show, his appearance simply requiring him to tell a story based off of an audience suggestion that would act as the backbone for the player’s sketches (this is how standard improv usually goes). This audience-filmed clip of Bronson and the group isn’t a straight shot of the night, so it’s hard to know exactly how he dismantles their performance by hopping in on it. But the group follows the cardinal improv rule of “yes, and…” and rolls seamlessly with Bronson’s more-involved cameo. Check it out below.

Bronson’s collaborative tape with Harry Fraud Saaab Stories is out 6/11.