Watch Avey Tare’s New Band Slasher Flicks’ Live Debut

A couple of months ago, we learned that Animal Collective co-leader Avey Tare was starting a new side-project trio called Slasher Flicks. The band also features Angel Deradoorian, formerly of Dirty Projectors, and Jeremy Hyman, formerly of Ponytail. And last night, the band made their live debut at Baltimore’s Metro Gallery. Below, you can watch a good-looking, good-sounding clip of the band playing a seven-minute song last night. It sounds like a spacier, dronier, more stretched-out take on the hallucinatory yelpers that Avey does with Animal Collective, and it’s below.

(via Pitchfork)

Slasher Flicks’ next show is 6/17 at Glasslands in Brooklyn.