Hop Along – “Sister Cities”

“Shaking Through” is a rare and refreshing recording project organized by the Philly-based “music incubator” non-profit Weathervane Music. Ten times per year, Weathervane invites an emerging musician to record for two days at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia, recording videos along the way to show the process of recording, writing, and producing the song. It’s a unique music advocacy project, resulting in some of the most stunning music videos around today. Each plays out like a beautiful short documentary giving a glimpse into the energy surrounding a specific artist, through the lens of recording one song.

Since 2010, “Shaking Through” has featured Sharon van Etten, Twin Sister, La Big Vic, Ava Luna, Secret Mountains, and dozens more. For the most recent installment, the Weathervane team worked with Philly’s Hop Along on “Sister Cities,” a captivating introduction to the intense voice and lyricism of Frances Quinlan. Last year, Hop Along released Get Disowned, one of the most devastatingly honest records I’ve heard in years. Download “Sister Cities” below, then check out the Weathervane-produced videos documenting the making and recording of the track.

Hop Along – “Sister Cities”

Shaking Through: Hop Along

Recording “Sister Cities”

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