Deer Tick – “The Rock”

Here’s something sad: “The Rock,” the new song from Providence scraggle-rock traditionalists Deer Tick, has nothing to do with the movie star and occasional professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson. Instead, it’s a love song, and a perfectly decent one, with an assured build and a rousing horn line. But can you imagine how much better this thing would be if it were an ode to Johnson and his amazing 2013? Great turns in Furious 6 and Snitch? Being the best part of the otherwise-awful Pain & Gain? A WWE title run and a main-event match at Wrestlemania (an underwhelming one, but still)? That would be a good song. Listen to “The Rock” here and think of what could’ve been.

Deer Tick’s new album Negativity is out later this year on Partisan.

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