Song Of The Summer

Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2013

Last week, we asked you guys to give us some nominations for our 2013 Song Of The Summer poll, and you came through with hundreds of picks — an assortment so varied and robust that it nearly broke the spirit of the intern we tasked with tabulating and organizing your choices into something resembling a consensus. But tabulate and organize he did! Break he did not! And here we are, with an official poll, ready for you to vote on. We’ve got a worthy slate of six candidates for you to choose from, and you get only one vote. So choose wisely! You want to be on the right side of history here! The polls are open right now, and will stay open till COB July 1. We’ll reveal the victor on July 2, just in time for you to program a 4th Of July playlist consisting only of the winning track, played on repeat (remixes not allowed). Rock the vote below!