M.I.A.’s “The Message” Not So Paranoid After All?

M.I.A. is no stranger to controversy and criticism. But with the recent revelations about government surveillance, she has culled together a grip of remarks that called /\/\/\Y/\ opening track “The Message” paranoid and juvenile on her Tumblr, seemingly as a statement that she was right all along. Back in 2010, this site called for a re-evaluation of the album, citing its prescience in relation to the “over-connected Internet culture we inhabit.” You can read the full collection of quotes here, most of which take to task the lyrics: “headphones connected to the iPhone/iPhone connected to the Internet/connected to the Google/connected to the government.” Earlier this week, M.I.A. premiered new track “Bring The Noize” from her upcoming album Matangi, the release of which, as we reported, was allegedly delayed for being “too positive.” No word on whether she will revisit its production in light of the NSA and PRISM reports.

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