This fall, the kinda-reluctant psych-pop all-stars MGMT will return with their third album, a self-titled affair. They recorded this one with Dave Fridmann, the Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev producer who also helmed Oracular Spectacular, MGMT’s 2008 debut. We should not, however, take this as an indication that the band is returning to the easy and immediate hooks of the “Time To Pretend” era. Lately, the band has been sharing decidedly weird new tracks like the Record Store Day cassingle “Alien Days” and the recent live debuts “Mystery Disease” and “Your Life Is A Lie,” and all those songs are on the new album. Also of note: Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser recorded this album as a duo, without the backing band that joined them on their last album, 2010’s divisive Congratulations. Check out the MGMT tracklist below.

01 “Alien Days”
02 “Cool Song No. 2″
03 “Mystery Disease”
04 “Introspection”
05 “Your Life Is A Lie”
06 “A Good Sadness”
07 “Astro-Mancy”
08 “I Love You To Death”
09 “Plenty Of Girls In The Sea”
10 “An Orphan Of Fortune”
(via Pitchfork)

MGMT is out 9/17 on Columbia.

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