Pissed Jeans – “Romanticize Me” Video

“When I was done, it would either be because I had won the Olympics 19 times and broken all possible world records. I would have reached the pinnacle of sports fame, driving a different exotic car every day of the week and buying small countries with my 900 bazillion dollars. Or, I’d walk into the rink one day and there would be a giant neon sign reading: ‘Braden Overett’s Retiring Today!’ … Guess what. None of that happened.”

— Braden Overett (pictured above)

No one should expect figure skating and frantic noise rock to blend well, but just look at that quote up above. It’s from Braden Overett’s open letter announcing his retirement from ice skating, and it channels the darkly funny and cynical spirit of Pissed Jeans perfectly. In a wonderful new Joe Stakun-directed music video for the Honeys highlight “Romanticize Me,” Overett plays an ice rink janitor who dreams of figure skating. Bookended by dull, music-less sequences of him cleaning, eating, Zamboni … ing?, he channels the band’s obsessions with failure and mundanity (See: “Spent”). In between those moments though is a jaw-dropping performance by Overett in a ridiculous sparkly outfit. The music and his performance are aggressive, just a little silly, and when you understand the context, sort of sad, too. But I just keep thinking back to that quote and how the band, the main character, and Overett himself clearly see the lack of control when failure hits, promptly say, “Fuck it,” and skate on. Check the video out below, and tell me: I can’t be the only one that wants to see something like this happen at the Olympics, right?.

Honeys is out now via Sub Pop and we think it rules.