Jay-Z Reveals Cover For Magna Carta, Which Has Already Gone Platinum Basically

When you’re a gigantic stadium-headlining rap star — and when Samsung has already gone ahead and bought its subscribers a million copies of your new album — you apparently don’t have to spend too much time workshopping your album-cover designs. Those four letters you see above are the cover art for Magna Carta Holy Grail, the new Jay-Z album, which will go out free to Samsung Galaxy app-downloaders in two days.

And with the album’s release looming, Billboard reports that the Recording Industry Association of America has changed its rules. Now, an album no longer has to wait thirty days to go gold or platinum; certifications can now be awarded immediately. That means that, even though we haven’t heard anything of the album beyond TV-commercial audio clips and what’s been in our minds after reading the lyric sheets he’s been releasing online, Jay will probably go platinum immediately. (Billboard, however, won’t be counting the Samsung giveaway in its sales tally, which means that Magna Carta Holy Grail could well be the first Jay-Z solo album since 1997’s In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 that doesn’t debut at #1.)

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