Annie – “Back Together”

It’s been interesting how Annie has come back to catch our attention recently, mainly because it all feels like it’s happened before. After we all fell in love with her debut album, Anniemal, it took five years for her to make a follow-up – I mean, think about how much music changed between 2004 and 2009. That’s a long time to wait to make a follow-up for anyone who isn’t Scott Walker or Kevin Shields, but despite that, her 2009 album Don’t Stop was a welcome surprise. Of course, now here we are again four years later in the same situation (don’t even get me started on how much things have changed since 2009), but despite the limited output, Annie is doing great stuff here on the new track “Back Together.” But who is she back together with? My guess is longtime producer Richard X, who was also behind the propulsive, driving “Songs Reminds Me Of You” on Don’t Stop. This is a heavenly club-friendly track that’s a good reminder of just how great Annie is. Annie’s voice glides over the pounding house beat while neon synths shimmer throughout. Check it out here and think about how these new tracks could be remixed by major producers that weren’t even around when her last album came out — cough, cough Disclosure.

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